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I will gladly and reliably guide you in historical Prague or in other cities and places in Czech republic in a way, that you don´t find in any guidebook. You can join me and explore Czech country historical, mystical, sculptural, pictorial, musical, literary, theatrical, cinematographical, but also gastronomic.

The tours are held in English, French or Chinese.


Oblíbené prohlídky

Castello  Karlštejn

Castello Karlštejn

Školy - I. stupeň

Školy - I. stupeň

Il castello di Praga in dettaglio

Il castello di Praga in dettaglio

Informace o průvodci


Film studies (Charles University, Prague)

Chinese studies (Charles University, Prague)

Pracovní zkušenosti

  • Specialization: culture, history, architecture
  • Experience: almost 10 years of work and experience with variety of clients. Style of the tour always follows clients needs and demands.


  • Guide licence for Prague and Czech republic (Tyrkys)
  • Cambridge First Certificate (English)
  • State exam of the Charles University
  • (Chinese - level HSK 5)