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Kratochvílová Dana

I was born in Prague and I have been living in Prague all my life. Since 2003, I have helped anyone who is interested in history, architecture, famous places or legends to discover Prague.

History is not only rigorous data of battles, births, deaths, reigns and captured lands… But behind the data there is hidden love, hate, joy, intrigue, friendship, trick, misery, wisdom, anticipation, violence, politic cheeking – everything in our lives as well. I will tell you about it.

Prague is also magnificent exercise-book of architecture. But only few people could see and discover all features. Join me and perhaps you will see much more. I can make your Prague visit more comfortable.


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The Velvet Revolution and the Fall of Communism

The Velvet Revolution and the Fall of Communism



Terezin Memorial - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday 8:45

Terezin Memorial - Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday 8:45

Informations about this guide


I studied PE and sport at Charles University in Prague. I worked as the coach of Czechoslovak junior gymnastic team and later on I worked for the Czech Gymnastic federation. I also taught at Primary school. In 2003 I passed the exams and became a tour guide of Prague. From that time I have been guiding and also I have taking part in various courses for guides to improve knowledge of Czech history and architecture.

Work experience

  • I guide either in Prague or in other UNESCO places in the Czech Republic.
  • Guided tour can be also organized for firm team building or kick - off.


  • •Guide of Prague No. 1563 (Prague information service,15th March 2003)
  • •Guide of Jewish Museum No. 0829 (y. 2003)
  • •Guide of Prague Castle No. 1033 (8th December 2005)
  • •Guide of Lobkowicz Palace in Prague No. 003 (30th June 2008)
  • •Certificate of Membership VIP Guides Club (y. 2014)


20th Dec 2019

2nd Jan 2019

19th Mar 2018

Naprosto skvělá prohlídka Prahou za deště, tedy i trasa byla počasím ovlivněná a upravená. Během 2,5 hodiny jsme stihli tolik, co by vydalo na víkend!


14th Dec 2016

Slůně - svět jazyků, s.r.o.

19th Jul 2016

Prosíme, poděkujte ještě jednou paní Kratochvílové, byla opravdu excelentní.
Klub aktivní senior Přelouč Kubát f.

Kubát František

26th May 2016

25th May 2016

28th Jan 2016


19th Oct 2015

Dana was amazing! We only had 3 hours to tour Prague - and Dana walked us through at a comfortable pace and by the end of the tour, we felt we had a really good overview of Prague. Thanks, Dana!

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