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Darániová Markéta


I am a licensed tour guide and a native of Prague. I have a naturally cheerful, helpful character with an optimistic, positive outlook on life. Guiding a group of tourists in and around Prague is something that makes me feel happy and extremely proud. Amongst my interests are photography, music and foreign languages.


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PAPILONIA - a butterfly house

PAPILONIA - a butterfly house

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Jewish Town Walking Tour

Prague Architecture

Prague Architecture

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Faculty of Arts Charles University

Work experience

  • I welcome individual tours, small and large groups, VIP clientele and special interest groups such as choirs, orchestras and photographers


  • Official certificate of professional competence to perform a guided tour by operators in the tourism sector,
  • Official Guide of Prague
  • Jewish Museum in Prague


3rd Jun 2019

12th Mar 2018

27th Jul 2017

28th Jan 2016


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