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Novohradská Lucie

I love Prague - historical, modern, for big and for small, whether you are in Prague for only a day or the whole week, I will show you everything the city offers - culture, relaxation, great food, stunning panoramas and more


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Castello  Karlštejn

Castello Karlštejn

Il Castello e Mala Strana

Il Castello e Mala Strana

L’architettura di Praga

L’architettura di Praga

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licenced guide of Prague course, license obtained in Tyrkys in Sep 2001

Pracovní zkušenosti

  • big and small groups of bigs and littles, classical walks around Prague and trips around Czech republic, specialized tours for families, gastronomical tours with cooking courses and other tailor-made tours


  • licenced guide of Prague