Prague Inspiration, s.r.o.
Jindřišská 941/24
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic
Prague office: +420 776 868 770
NIF: CZ 27191087

Compañía inscrita en el Registro Comercial del Tribunal Municipal de Praga (18.11.2004), Referencia dosier C.116757.

Nuestro equipo


Katerina lived in the UK for several years. There she gained her Business Management degree. She loves Prague and good coffee. She manages Prague Inspiration since 2011 and is always pushing the company forward.


Travelling is Pavlina's great passion. Exploring the world helped her realize that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities ever. She will be pleased to arrange a trip for you in "The city of one hundred spires".


A Sarka le gusta viajar - gracias a sus estancias en los EUA, Nueva Zelanda y Mallorca mejoró su dominio de las lenguas: Inglés, Castellano y Alemán. Ha estado trabajando en Prague Inspiracion desde el año 2010. Arregla paquetes de servicios hechos a medida para los turistas de todo el mundo.


Alena loves to travel around the Czech Republic and abroad. She likes getting to know new places and people. Her knowledge then uses at work. Since she joined Prague Inspiration in 2011 she organizes individual and group program packages.