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Darániová Markéta


I am a licensed tour guide and a native of Prague. I have a naturally cheerful, helpful character with an optimistic, positive outlook on life. Guiding a group of tourists in and around Prague is something that makes me feel happy and extremely proud. Amongst my interests are photography, music and foreign languages.


Oblíbené prohlídky

Památník Terezín

Památník Terezín

Pražská architektura

Pražská architektura

Poprvé v Praze

Poprvé v Praze

Informace o průvodci


Faculty of Arts Charles University

Pracovní zkušenosti

  • I welcome individual tours, small and large groups, VIP clientele and special interest groups such as choirs, orchestras and photographers


  • Official certificate of professional competence to perform a guided tour by operators in the tourism sector,
  • Official Guide of Prague
  • Jewish Museum in Prague