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Franc Štěpán

My name is Štěpán Franc and I will be glad to offer you exquisite tours of the Golden Prague’s highlights and its amazing history and other beautiful towns of the Czech Republic.


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Silent Disco Tour v angličtině v pátek a sobotu od 13:00

Silent Disco Tour v angličtině v pátek a sobotu od 13:00

Franz Kafkas Prager Winkel

Franz Kafkas Prager Winkel

Školy - I. stupeň

Školy - I. stupeň

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Master degree of Religious Science, Charles University, Prague

Pracovní zkušenosti

  • Do you want to know why are Czechs called Czechs and not anything else? Or why is Prague called Praha in Czech?
  • The Prague town brings with it many interesting medieval legends, ghost stories and myths as well as the secret language of architecture, house signs and sculptures.
  • The aim of my guiding is to make your visit as much valuable and enjoyable as possible with a rich and diverse program tailored especially to your need and interests. You will be enriched with splendid memories and wonderful pictures that will stay with you long afterwards.
  • Czech Republic is “A trip to remember”!!!
  • I will be pleased to provide you with any other information you might be interested on in person.


  • Tyrkys, 30.6.2009

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