Karlovy Vary regular trips - Monday and Friday 8:45

Tour's highlights:

  • It runs on Mondays and Fridays at 8:45 am/ duration 9.5 hours
  • PRICE: includes English-speaking guide, transfer and cable car ticket
  • ADULTS - 1900 CZK
  • STUDENTS up to 26 years old - 1800,00 CZK
  • CHILDREN from 3 to 10 years - 1600,00 CZK
  • Departure: Na Příkopě 23, Prague 1
  • The most famous spa town in the Czech Republic
  • Tasting of 12 healing springs directly on the colonnade
  • Founded by the Roman Emperor Charles IV in the 14th century
  • Russian Tsar Peter I, Ludwig van Beethoven, Amadeus Mozart, Sigmund Freud stayed here
  • The site of a film festival with the participation of world celebrities
  • A city surrounded by beautiful nature with hiking trails, many viewpoints and lookouts
  • Elegant hotels with various healing processes
  • We do not provide a shuttle service to/from the hotel
  • As per your wishes:

    - choice of meeting place: in your hotel or anywhere else- individual price for groups of 20 or more

    - arranging entrance fee and transfer- setting the start and end time of the tour

    - choice of the route for the individual tour


    Tour map

    Snake spring

    Hotel Imperial

    Grandhotel Pupp

    Lookout tower Diana

    Karlovy Vary regular trips - Monday and Friday 8:45

    This trip is suitable for all ages, including children. Our guide will take you to the beautiful countryside of the Ore Mountains, where the spa town of Karlovy Vary is located in the valley, famous for its 12 healing springs, and you can taste them during a walk along the colonnades. You will stroll among elegant hotels with mainly therapeutic treatments for the musculoskeletal and digestive system, shops and restaurants with excellent gastronomy. You can reach the viewpoints and lookout towers by two cable cars, or go for a swim in the thermal water pool. Every year in June, Karlovy Vary hosts a film festival attended by world-famous actors. The town was founded in the 14th century by the Czech king and Roman emperor Charles IV. As a souvenir, you can buy a porcelain cup with a drinking spout to taste the hot healing water directly from the springs, or sweeten your day with typical round spa wafers. As an aperitif, try the unforgettable herbal liqueur Becherovka, made right in the town according to a 120-year-old secret recipe.

    We will be happy to arrange this trip for you, including a guide, transfers, or a recommendation of a good restaurant.

    Karlovy Vary regular trips - Monday and Friday 8:45
    Covered colonnade

    Covered colonnade

    You can taste springs of different temperatures

    You can taste springs of different temperatures



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    Karlovy Vary regular trips - Monday and Friday 8:45

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