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Lojka Vaclav

Dear customers,

Let me tell you few words about myself.

I was born in Melnik, Czechoslovakia. Since my childhood I have been interested in history. I have been fascinated by it. Why and how happen the things which influence our life. This is why I decided to study history at the Charles University Prague. I got my master's degree in History and Archive science.

During my studies I did my best to improve my languages skills, studying and working abroad. I traveled, worked and studied in United Kingdom (1992), USA (1994-1995) and Spain (1998). It was the best school being with the native speakers, being in the "real" environment and knowing foreign countries, their culture, customs and habits.

Probably then I fell in love with traveling. I have joined the travel business almost immediately after my university studies. In 1998 I decided to establish my own company Empire Tours. I am happy to present you all my knowledge and experience as your guide.

I would like to give you the insight view of the European culture and history. Many things happening today started in the past, I am here to show you why and how.



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Informations about this guide


Charles University of Prague, history and archive science (1990-96)

Working in United Kingdom (1992)

Working in USA (1994-1995)

20.2.1995 - "Osvedceni o uspesnem ukonceni Pruvodce cestovniho ruchu - Prazska informacni sluzba"

16.4.1998 - "Osvedceni o uspesnem ukonceni zkousky z anglickeho jazyka - Prazska informacni sluzba"

6.5.1998 - Prague Licenced Guide "Pruvodce Prahou - Prazska informaci sluzba"

Work experience

  • Guide since 1998.


  • Prague Licenced Guide
  • Prague Licenced Guide - Prague Castle
  • Prague Licenced Guide - Jewish Museum