Španihelová Helena

angličtina němčina ruština čeština

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O mne

1961/62 - teacher of art training and Russian in lower secondary school in Usti nad Labem

Since 1963 free lancing

1963-1966 - guiding sightseeing tours in Prague in Russian and English for Prague Information Service

Since 1967 interpreting for Prague Information Service, the only agency that time

1974-81 - simultaneous interpreting at trade unions training in Russia - 5 times for 2 month

1981-1986 - 5 years employment as a translator

1981-1983 - Geofond - translations for Geoinform - information system in geology of the former socialist countries - translations of geology reviews - mostly into Russian

1983-1985 - The House of Soviet Science and Culture

1986 - Institute of Psychology of the Academy of Science - arrangements for the international conference in Prague - translations of conference proceedings into English

Since 1986 - again free lance interpreting and translations. Since 1991 work on Licence of the guide


Training course for Prague Sightseeing guides of the Prague Information Service 1962/63 - license 1963

State language school in Prague:

English 1963-1966 – State language exam in English on May 26 1966.

Germen 1966-1969 – examination in Prague Information Service 1971 guiding only

Japanese 1972-1981 – just talking, neither reading nor writing

During work also participation in the courses of PIS and Tyrkys

School in Prague. I passed the state language

Pracovní zkušenosti

  • At the beginning of my carrier I also guided excursions and walks to the sights of Prague and also other places in Czechoslovakia. At the time being I guide tours in Prague and also other places like for instance Cesky Krumlov, Karlovy Vary, Karlstein, Dresden.


  • The diploma of the Pedagogy Faculty of the Charles University in Russian and Art training from 1961
  • Certificate of the exam in English at the Language school in Prague from May 26 1966.
  • Certificate of 3-years course of Japanese from June 27 1986.
  • Certificate of the Ministry of Economy of the Czech Republic on aptitude for the guiding work from 01 24 1995.
  • Trade Certificate from 1992.

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