Loučeň Castle - adventure for kids

Tour's highlights

  • Beautiful castle, but also a labyrinth and an English park
  • Special tours of the castle such as Tour for children, Evening tour or Chocolate tasting tour
  • Visited by celebrities such as the writer Mark Twain or poet Rainer Maria Rilke
  • Trip from Prague with duration 5 hours
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    Church of the Assumption of Our Lady

    Loucen Castle


    Loučeň Castle - adventure for kids

    How about a trip to Loucen Castle? We will be happy to arrange it for you. Let us know when you would like to go, how many persons do you have in your group and in what language the tour should be. We will arrange a tailor-made trip especially for you.

    The above mentioned price includes a guiding service, a guide who will take the trip with you and will introduce you to all the attractions. All other services such as transfer, interior tickets, etc. are not included in the price, but we will be happy to arrange them for you. If are you interested in transfer and entrance tickets only, there is no problem.

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    Princess Caroline (Karolina in Czech) or Duchess Mary (Marie in Czech) or her valet will take you through the castle. They know exactly what kids are interested in: How people in the castle lived, ate, what the noble children favorite toys were, what they lacked compared to today's time etc.

    Your kids will also get the chance to sit in the castle seat or discover hidden doors.

    After this special kids-focused presentation about life at the castle some one hundred years ago you will set off for the spacious English park with labyrinths and mazes, which is a big attraction and not to be found at any other European castle.The Englishman Adrian Fisher, the most famous contemporary designer of labyrinths in the world, designed all 12 garden labyrinths and mazes for the Loucen Castle.

    Labyrinths are from wood, stone boulders, gravel, hedges and each labyrinth has a sign in Czech and English explaining it’s name, it’s number and any instructions required to complete it.

    You can also have lunch at the Loučeň Castle restaurant.

    Loučeň Castle - adventure for kids
    Chocolate tour with tasting

    Chocolate tour with tasting

    The tour with the ghost of White Lady

    The tour with the ghost of White Lady

    Every single guide at the Castle has a costume

    Every single guide at the Castle has a costume

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    Loučeň Castle - adventure for kids

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