Great Popovice brewery with beer tasting

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  • One of the most important breweries in the Czech Republic
  • You wil get there within half an hour by car from the center of Prague
  • With beer tasting
  • Trip out of Prague with duration 4 hours
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    Velke Popovice Brewery

    Velke Popovice Brewery

    Velke Popovice Brewery

    Velkopopovicky Kozel beer

    Great Popovice brewery with beer tasting

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    Only just 30 km southeast of Prague lies the village of Great Popovice with their famous brewery. The documented sources say that good beer is brewed in the Great Popovice since the mid-16th century.

    During the 90-minute tour your guide will introduce you to the history of the brewery and brand Velkopopovický Goat. You will learn about the manufacturing process and raw materials. You will also see the historic and the new brewhouse, lager cellars and modern fully automated bottling plant and exhibition packages. In the authentic cellars you will be tasting the beer Kozel. There is of course available a nonalcoholic beer Birell for drivers.

    At the end of the tour, you can meet with goat Olda - a live mascot of the brewery.

    In the souvenir shop you can by all sorts of presents for your loved ones or to commemorate this visit.

    You can then relax in a pub nera by called KOZLOVNA with Czech cuisine and a full range of local brewery including non-pasteurized beer Kozel Medium.

    Great Popovice brewery with beer tasting
    Velké Popovice, pivovar

    Velké Popovice, pivovar

    Návštěva pivovaru, Velké Popovice

    Návštěva pivovaru, Velké Popovice

    Velké popovice

    Velké popovice

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    Great Popovice brewery with beer tasting

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