Teplice - City of emperors and kings, a city of thousands of stories

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  • A city of Emperors and Kings, a city of thousands of stories associated with such names as: Franz Joseph I, Peter the Great, Ludwig van Beethoven, Fryderyk Chopin Richard Wagner, Gustav Carl Laube and others
  • The oldest spa town in Central Europe
  • You can visit the temple with the complete remains of the patron saint of spa and marriage, Christian martyr St. Clari
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    Spa Lane Teplice

    Castle Square Teplice

    Bartholomues Gallery Café

    Regional Museum Teplice

    Teplice - City of emperors and kings, a city of thousands of stories

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    During this guided tour you will see the following historical places:

    Chateau Square

    Plague column - It was created by the sculptor Matthias B. Braun and the stonemason M Bäumel during the years 1718–1719 and it is situated on Chateau Square as a thank for the gratitude of the cessation of plague epidemics in 1713.

    Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross with remains of St. Clari

    St. Clari (also Clarus – ‘bright’ or ‘clear’ in Latin) was a Christian clergyman who was tortured to death, probably around the year 396.

    Barthlomeus Gallery Cafe

    The gallery and café located in the exclusive interior of the former protestant church of St. Bartholomeus. You will not only find excellent Sicilian coffee and original gastronomic products, an outdoor terrace with a magnificent view of the city and the Ore Mountains, but also interesting exhibitions and entertainment. There are different separate exhibitions.

    Teplice Chateau – Grotto, Romanesque art exhibition, Spa Lane, Pravřídlo Spring, Imperial Spa, Spa Park, Theatre, Seume Chapel (Chapel of the Finding of the Holy Cross), Barthlomeus Gallery Cafe, Sightseeing tour by car to the Doubravka castle and departure to Prague.

    Teplice - City of emperors and kings, a city of thousands of stories
    St. Bartholomew Church

    St. Bartholomew Church

    Teplice Theatre

    Teplice Theatre

    Reliquary with relics of st. Clari

    Reliquary with relics of st. Clari

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    Teplice - City of emperors and kings, a city of thousands of stories

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