From the river to Vyšehrad Castle

Tour's highlights

  • Private tour only for you and your group
  • Visiting of Náplavka - places full of life, cafes, concerts and markets
  • The legendary Vyšehrad and the cemetery of the strongest personalities of the Czech nation
  • Romantic views of Prague
  • Possibility to visit the Botanical Garden of Charles University
  • You will see, for example, Rašinovo nábřeží, Kovařovic's villa, Emauzy, Vyšehrad, Rotunda of St. Martin, Karlov or Zemská porodnica near St. Apolináře
  • What's on your decision

    Pick-up pointIt is up to you, where we can meet. It can be in your hotel or anywehre else.

    TimeThe starting time and duration is only up to you.

    It’s up to you, where we will meet.

    Route and places we visit

    Private certified guide






    Price per person:

    Tour map

    Kovarovicova villa

    Naplavka embankment

    Apolinar maternity hospital


    From the river to Vyšehrad Castle

    The tour includes Prague's most popular embankment promenade, historically interesting place called Vyton, Vyšehrad charm, undiscovered views by tourists and, if you wish, relaxation in the park or botanical garden.

    Our guide will take you through Náplavka, at the foot of Vyšehrad will introduce you to a touch of cubism, Vyšehrad itself will then welcome you with its legends and Karlov will finally provide a rest in the park.

    All you have to do is arrange a date, place and time of the meeting with us. It's easy!

    From the river to Vyšehrad Castle
    Naplavka under Vysehrad

    Naplavka under Vysehrad

    Cubist three-story house

    Cubist three-story house

    A magic place - Vysehrad

    A magic place - Vysehrad

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    From the river to Vyšehrad Castle

    1/18: From the river to Vyšehrad Castle

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