Alchemistic Prague

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  • A tour full of legends
  • Preserved work of alchemists from the time of Rudolph II
  • Looking for a potion of youth? Go with us!
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    Queen Anne's Summer Palace

    Prague Castle

    U Cerneho orla

    Karlova street

    Alchemistic Prague

    Join us for an alchemistic tour whose work boomed during the reign of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II. They left behind hundreds of stories, sights and hidden secrets. Our experienced guides will take you to the places which are connected with alchemists and where famous experiments took place.

    The tour starts at Queen Anne's Summer Palace (Letohrádek královny Anny) and goes through the Prague Castle, Lesser Town and ends in the Old Town.

    Those seeking for a legendary potion of love, youth and wisdom should look forvard to the end of our tour.

    Alchemists´s secrets can be discovered!

    Alchemistic Prague
    Charles bridge - Alchemical tour

    Charles bridge - Alchemical tour

    Prague is full of references to famous alchemists

    Prague is full of references to famous alchemists

    Alchymistická prohlídka

    Alchymistická prohlídka

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    Alchemistic Prague

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