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Nováková Elena (Slobodyanyuk)

I am a native of Russia, but over twenty years I live in the Czech Republic. Since 2000, I am working as a professional guide. I like guading very much, as it combines my interests (history, working with people and communication in my native language). I like everything that concerns the Czech Republic, and I would like to get acquainted with this country more and more new people. With time I am very flexible.


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Pražské věže

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Franz Kafka and Prague Walking Tour

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Pilsen and Prazdroj Brewery

Informations about this guide


I am a graduate teacher education with a Masters degree. I have a certificate regarding the guiding guide for the region of Prague, Prague Castle guide license and I also attended a workshop called "Regions of the Czech Republic" for tourist guides and other staff in tourism. According to my schedule and interests I engage in lectures, lessons and other events related to my profession.

Work experience

  • I have fifteen years of experience with year-round implementation of the Russian-speaking tourists not only in Prague but also in other cities and regions of the Czech Republic. I specialize not only in the large group excursions, but I also organize individual tours according to the interests and wishes of the client.


  • Certificate guide for Prague region, issued on 15 June 1999 by a school of tourism TYRKYS under number 52/99.
  • Confirmation of the licensee Guide Prague Castle, issued on March 22, 2006 by Prague Castle Administration under number 1056th.
  • Certificate of completion of the workshop "Regions of the Czech Republic" for tourist guides and other staff in tourism, issued on 29 February 2008 by CzechTourism.
  • Trade Certificates:
  • - guiding activities in the field of tourism, issued August 29, 2006,
  • - translator and interpreter, issued August 6, 1998


25th Nov 2019

Maximální spokojenost, děkujeme.

9th Nov 2017