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Nevolová Miloslava

Miloslava Nevolova M. A.

I enjoy guiding because I can combine my skills and qualifications with my hobbies which comprise history of the Fine Arts and architecture, theatre, film, music and life and culture of the English-speaking countries. I was born in Prague and I have been living here since then but I like travelling, too. I am used to speaking to the audience, and so I can offer my clients a tailor-made sightseeing tour or walk, which enriches them as a remarkable experience.


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Old Town and New Town Walking Tour

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Alchemistic Prague

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Informations about this guide


1991 Master of Arts degree - Graduation from Charles University, Faculty of Arts in English and Czech (specialization in English, American and Czech studies 1986 - 1991)

1985 GCE - Passing the follow-up studies from Secondary Artistic School specialized in History of the Fine Arts, Drawing, Manufacturing of Artificial Textile Materials, Applied Arts 1982-1985

Work experience

  • Guiding for Prague Information Service since 1985, for Guide-Prague since 2013
  • 1989 Internship in the UK during university studies
  • Translation of a guidebook 33 TRIPS BY PRAGUE PUBLIC TRANSPORT from Czech into English
  • Teaching technical English at language schools and also at The Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory and College in Prague (focus on history of music and theatre, world and Czech literature, musical terminology)
  • Interpreting from Czech into English and vice versa (for some Czech state institutions)


  • GUIDE OF PRAGUE Prague Information Service
  • GUIDE Jewish Museum Prague
  • Certificate of Law English for Translators