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I Gulnara Shutenko is a member of the Association of Guides of the Czech Republic, it means I am a licensed guide and I specialize in organizing tours of the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. I have philological education and I am a teacher by vocation.Because of my love for the history, architecture and enthusiasm for life, you will learn a lot of interesting and exciting things during our walks. I give great importance to the development of modern time and I answer all your questions .Long time experience is a guarantee that you will be satisfied with my stories and the country you have visited. I conduct individual and group tours.What is the Czech Republic, former Bohemia? Bohemian story derives from the beautiful old Czech legends. "Once upon a time lived three brothers and one of them was Czech ..."I am looking forward to our meeting!



Work experience

  • I work as a guide for many years and specialize in the Czech Republic, Prague, the Prague Castle, the Jewish Quarter and Vien.


  • licenses:
  • Czech Republic
  • Prague № 1071
  • Prague Castle № 720
  • The Jewish Quarter № 0579
  • Vienna

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