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The Movie tour on Segway

Tour of the places that you know of from Hollywood films. Also watch film clips of the films.
Movie tour or regular tour on Segway

During this three-hour evening tour you will see the most important film places in Prague. Your experienced guide will show you the movie clips on DVD portable screen while passing the real place in Prague. You will see places that you know from movies such as Mission Impossible, Amadeus, XXX, Van Helsing, and many others.

Duration of the tour: 3 hours

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Variant: Pravidelná

Price: for the whole tour
  per person
price   54.75 EUR*
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Variant: Privátní

Price: for the whole tour
Languages 1 person 2 persons 3 - 5 persons 6 - 25 persons
1st language group English, German , French, Spanish , Russian, Italian, Polish, Slovak, Czech 146.01 EUR* 109.5 EUR* 91.25 EUR* 73 EUR*
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Guided tour: The Movie tour on Segway
Duration: 3 hours
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