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How to book sightseeing tours of Prague

Create your own programme

Placing orders on the site is easy and user-friendly. You can book guided tours in much the same manner as you would make a purchase on any ordinary online store, by adding items to your cart. Our system is different in that you are not buying products but creating your own programme for your trip to Prague. For every item (tour) that you place in your cart, you can select the date, time and other details.

You can add and remove tours, switch dates and make other changes until you are completely happy with your programme. Other tours can be added at any time as you browse our website. If you are interested in a tour on a particular theme which does not feature in our list of guided tours, we will make individual arrangements for you. At the end of the tour list, simply opt for a tailor-made tour and write down more about what you are looking for.

If you change the start date of your programme, all dates of your tours in the programme will be automatically changed.
The place you enter as the address of your accommodation in Prague will be automatically entered as your rendezvous with the guide for each of your tours. If you want to change the meeting point for a particular tour, you can make this information known in the details for that tour.

When you have drawn up your full programme, you can submit the booking. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to sign in or register. For your convenience, we also offer quick registration, where you simply enter your name and e-mail address.

Booking a tour and confirmation

Most of the common tours can be confirmed as soon as you book them. In more difficult cases, an expert will consult the programme with you to make sure that all your requirements are incorporated to your satisfaction. In this case, the total price will not be displayed and your booking will not be considered binding.

How to pay for a tour

The most common form of payment is by credit card or bank transfer. Find out more about online payments via the modern and secure 3DSecure system.
Please note that only prices in CZK (Czech crowns) are binding. Prices in other currencies are calculated for your convenience and are indicative only.

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