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Payment security uses the best technology currently available for card payments, to ensure that your card information cannot be misused in any way.
Card payment security is assured by the logos MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by VISA, which guarantee that payments are made in accordance with the standards of the MasterCard and VISA card associations.
MasterCard SecureCode Verified by VISA

The secure HTTPS (SSL) protocol is used for the safe transmission of data over the Internet; this prevents third parties from obtaining information sent from the server to your browser and from you to the server. Read a more detailed description of the way the secure HTTPS protocol works.

This is the most effective method for preventing misuse of your card information on the pages of – you are not required to disclose your card number or other confidential information on our site. You enter your card information directly on the website of the bank - Česká spořitelna. Your card information does not appear anywhere in our system and therefore we keep no data about your card. By entering information directly on the bank’s site, without any intermediaries, you have the guarantee that this data cannot be leaked by either the trader or at any time during transmission.

The protection of your data and the security of the financial transfer itself is guaranteed by 3D-Secure, the technology we use via Česká spořitelna for card payments. This technology has been developed jointly by the MasterCard and VISA card associations for the secure authentication of card payments over the Net. Find out more about 3D-Secure technology.

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