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Types of card accepted at

You can pay for the services of with MasterCard, VISA, Maestro and VISA Electron cards.
MasterCard Maestro VISA VISA electron
Card payments are possible if the issuing bank has authorised Internet payments for the card and registered it in the 3D-Secure system. As a rule, all embossed cards can be used, but in some cases electronic cards may not be authorised. If you are not sure whether you can make card payments on the Internet, ask your bank.

Some cards may be subject to a special limit for Internet payments, which is usually lower than the general card limit. If you did not set this special limit in your application for the card, your card is unlikely to have this limit and you are only subject to the card’s overall limit.
However, some banks set two limits – one for ‘non-secure’ payments over the Internet (or MO/TO transactions) and the other for ‘secure’ Internet payments. If this differentiation is made, payments at are classified as safe transactions. If you are not sure how the limits are set for your card, please contact your bank for more information.

3DSecure authentication

Some cards implement 3DSecure authentication - the card is protected by an additional password. When paying by such card, you have to enter not only the number and validity of the card, but also this password. If you are not sure whether your card has such a password, please contact the bank that issued the card.

American Express

American Express cards are not suitable for online payments, because the American Express company has not accepted the 3DSecure standard and thus it is impossible to guarantee a sufficient security level when paying by these cards. If you have American Express card only and no VISA or MasterCard, please contact us by phone or email and we will assist you.

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