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List of Guides

Prague guides are available in these languages: Please select a language of your guided tour. The list of the guides speaking the chosen language will be shown.

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František Kylar


German  Russian Polish
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Hana Kučerová

Licence: Vlad. výbor pro CR, 25th Nov 1978

English German  Russian Finnish

Hana Sobotková

Licence: ICRO, 20th Jan 1998

English German  French Russian Czech
Image not available

Hedvika Prouzová

Licence: PIS, 19th May 1992

German  Czech
Image not available

Helena Červíčková

Licence: PIS, 19th Sep 2007

German  Czech
Image not available

Ilona Sulkovská

Licence: PIS, 13th Mar 2003

English German  Russian Italian Czech
Image not available

Irena Melounová

Licence: PIS, 27th Jan 2005

English German  Portuguese

Iva Moravcová

Licence: PIS, 26th Jun 1991

German  French Czech
Image not available

Iva Nejedlá

Licence: PIS, 24th May 1996

German  French Russian Czech
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