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List of Guides

Prague guides are available in these languages: Please select a language of your guided tour. The list of the guides speaking the chosen language will be shown.

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Valeriy Shlapakov

Licence: Motiva, 24th Jun 2007

Russian Czech

Marie Veverková

Licence: PIS, 31st Mar 2000

Romanian Czech

Jiřina Hobzíková

Licence: Tyrkys, 9th Sep 2009

German  Czech
Image not available

Vojtěch Obr

Licence: Tyrkys, 19th Jul 2010

Spanish  Czech
Image not available

Kateřina Marková

Licence: PIS, 25th Oct 2005

English German  Finnish Czech

Jindra Nikolo (Borská)

Licence: PIS, 8th Apr 1994

English Spanish  Czech

Michala Peterková

Licence: Tyrkys, 19th Jul 2010

English Russian Czech

Ramil Ahmadov

Licence: PIS, 16th Jul 2003

Russian Turkish Czech

Alexandr Kun

Licence: Tyrkys, 13th Dec 2006

English Russian Ukrainian Czech
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